Diablo Cyclists on Alhambra Valley Road

Diablo Cyclists on Alhambra Valley Road in Martinez. Photo credit: Stephen Herrick.

Located 30 miles east of San Francisco in Walnut Creek, California, the Diablo Cyclists is a recreational road, touring and off road bicycle club. We are focused on providing cyclists of all levels an opportunity to ride, train and socialize with other bicycle enthusiasts. Our emphasis is more on the fitness, skill building, and social aspects of bicycling and less on racing. Please come out on one of our rides and get to know the friendly members of the Diablo Cyclists.

Amy Abele has again invited us to come to her family’s ranch overlooking San Jose on Mount Hamilton Road for a ride and barbecue. It is always a fun and popular occasion.

We will meet at the ranch at 9 AM on Saturday, Sept. 19, and ride up Mount Hamilton Road to the observatory on the summit. You can hang out at the top, take a tour of the Lick observatory, or, if you are ambitious, ride down the other side and back up. The ride up the San Jose side is long but not steep: the road was graded to allow horses to haul observatory equipment to the top. The back side is much steeper.

After the ride we will have a barbecue at the ranch. Bring a dish to share, something to barbecue, and something to drink.

With Daylight Saving Time we will resume the Wednesday evening Mount Diablo rides. We ride up Northgate Road to the junction ranger station. We usually smooze for a while at the junction and then ride back down Northgate, or go down Southgate and back on Danville Boulevard. Sometimes a few will go to the summit. There are two starting points: Heather Farms park, or the Mormon church on Northgate, one block from Castle Rock. The Heather Farms riders start first and swing by the church 15 minutes later.

The rides resume on March 11. The starting time depends on how much daylight we have. The schedule is as follows:

Months Heather Farm Mormon Church
March & April 4:30 4:45
May through August 5:15 5:30
September 4:45 5:00
October 4:30 4:45

Ride Schedule

See the ride schedule page for more details. All rides leave at 9:00AM from Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek unless otherwise noted. Meet at the north end of the park near the restrooms at the baseball field parking area.

Wednesday Evenings
Mt. Diablo to the Junction & Beyond

20mi. rating:R/H/M

Saturday Aug 29
Santa Cruz County Ramble

65mi. rating:R/H/M

Saturday Aug 29
In Town Option: East Bay Hills

50mi. rating:R/H/M

Sunday Aug 30
The Eucalyptus Trees

45mi. rating:R/F/M

Saturday Sep 5
The Old Sierra Century

65-100mi. rating:R/H/M

Saturday Sep 5
In Town Option: Palomares Canyon

60/50mi. rating:R/MH/M

Sunday Sep 6
Club Breakfast Ride and other Destinations

20mi. rating:A/F/M

Monday Sep 7
Labor Day Show and Go

?mi. rating:?/?/?

Saturday Sep 12
Cull Canyon

60/50mi. rating:R/MH/M

Sunday Sep 13
Moraga and Glorietta Loop

35mi. rating:R/MH/M

Saturday Sep 19
Rancharia Pot-Luck

35mi. rating:R/H/S-M

Sunday Sep 20
Club Breakfast Ride and other Destinations

20mi. rating:A/F/M

Saturday Sep 26
Livermore Loop

60mi. rating:R/M/M

Saturday Sep 26
Knoxville Double

200mi. rating:

Sunday Sep 27
Crockett Waterfront

40mi. rating:R/MH/M

Saturday Oct 3
Cheese Factory and Tomales Bay

60mi. rating:R/MH/M

Saturday Oct 3
In Town Option: Lake Chabot Loop

60mi. rating:R/H/M

Sunday Oct 4
Club Breakfast Ride and other Destinations

20mi. rating:A/F/M