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Diablo Cyclists

Long time friends enjoying a ride together…

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What you need to Know

Unless otherwise noted, all rides start at 9am and depart from the north parking lot in Heather Farms park in Walnut Creek.

Current Ride Schedule

Saturday Sept 2 - The Eucalyptus Trees

Down to the Eucalyptus Trees via Danville Blvd, Tassajara, and Highland. Across Manning, Carneal and Collier Canyon. Return Highland, Tassajara, Danville Blvd.

Sunday Sept 3 - Club Breakfast Ride and Other Destinations

Saturday Sept 9 - Two Bridges

Franklin Canyon and Cummings Skyway to Crockett. Cross the bridge to Vallejo, then north to Columbus Parkway and east to I80. Then head east on the bike trail to Cordelia and then south to Benicia. Then down either Pacheco Blvd to the bike trail or through downtown Martinez and over Alhambra to Pleasant Hill.

Sunday Sept 10 - Blackhawk and Roundhill

Down to Blackhawk via Danville Blvd and Camino Tassajara. Return via Diablo Rd and Roundhill.

Saturday Sept 16 - Sunol and Back

Down to Sunol via Danville/San Ramon Blvd, and Foothill. Return Pleasanton-Sunol Rd, Sunol Blvd, Santa Rita Rd, Dublin Blvd, San Ramon/Danville Blvd.

Sunday Sept 17 - Club Breakfast Ride and Other Destinations

Saturday Sept 23 - Pinehurst Loop

Sunday Sept 24 - Crockett Orinda Loop

Sunday Sept 30 - Bollinger Canyon

Down Danville Hwy to Deerwood and up Bollinger Canyon. Return same way.

Sunday Oct 1 - Club Breakfast Ride and Other Destinations

Saturday June 3 - Tassajara and Windemire Parkway

Saturday June 24 - Redwood Road

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